Behind the scenes – AW12 Thora collection inspiration

by katie

The theme/inspiration for AW12 collection came about by chance really. I was being really nosey and picked up this battered envelope and these stunning, delicate, sillouttes flittered to the floor. What on earth was someone doing sending these to my grandmother without a note, in 1955, other than they thought they were beautiful. I completely agreed. So the ‘Dalton Print’ was aptly named after her side of the family and of course was the name on the envelope. It is certainly unique and this started the collection off on a ‘vintage’ inspired route.

I was given a ring when my grandmother passed away, that I have worn all over the world, every day, since. ┬áIt’s enormous with a really old ‘setting’ (apparently!) and I have no idea what stone it is, or where she was given it. Somehow it does make me think of her perhaps more than I would have done otherwise and I wonder if she is following me around on this journey! I have SO many items of clothing that I wear all year round, which were hers.

I have thought for a while that I would like to pay a little tribute – she was always so stylish and we always talked about clothes, shoes, bags for hours! She would get over enthusiastic and want to go upstairs, fishing around in her sewing room for this trim or that ribbon. I would find myself sent up to the attic to fetch shoes she had made for this ball or dance or party. Fur, bespoke shoes, tailored dresses, sparkly head bands, glove boxes. You name it. Her life was from a different world and it was amazing to be let into it from time to time.

Dalton Print on camel colour silk crepe

A shot of buttons we like from favourite place – Liberty

My Grandmothers button box – it’s like a treasure chest

Our research progressed to post World War 11 styles, mainly dresses as our focus. Nipped in waists, sashes, covered button cuffs, lace panels, puff sleeve and of course much more modest lengths/ neck lines. It seemed fitting to use English tweeds, Irish wool – which we decided to produce in London for the first time.

I wanted to attach a version of the original mood board so you can see where some of the ideas for the styles in this AW12 collection came from..
Plus one of my grandmother in there (she is on the left, in heels, sitting on the car) which makes me laugh.

Enjoy x

Linen/wool tweed check used for the flat skirt

Dalton Print on camel colour silk crepe and the ‘Jag’ Print in navy,camel and cream

Caption missing